Todd Brown

The Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast is BACK with one of the best marketers and copywriters I know – marketing legend Todd Brown. Todd is the brains behind some of the smartest campaigns I’ve seen, and the creator of the E5 method for creating high-converting offers.

On this episode:

– How Todd went from a job at a health club, to creating killer campaigns for 7, 8 and 9-figure clients

– Why marketing and selling are NOT the same thing – and how to create marketing so good, it makes selling superfluous

– The origins of the E5 method, it’s roots with some of the biggest legends in marketing history, and how Todd refined it into a framework that thousands of smart marketers are implementing and ejoying incredible results

Todd also takes us through the entire E5 method overview from start to finish – so if you’re struggling to come up with a campaign that works, or if you want to improve your ¬†current results, THIS is the episode to listen to over and over.

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Author: Brian