Brian Cassingena – The Email Resurrection Guy

You know… it must’ve been 2017 – back when internet marketing legend John Reese still had a Facebook profile… there was a conversation happening on one of his posts – the subject of all this has been long forgotten – but John gave somebody this advice:

“You want free traffic? Start a podcast, call it ‘Geniuses Of Copywriting’, and all the best copywriters will want to be on the show, because they’ll want to be a Genius Of Copywriting”

The other guy never took action… I did.

The end result is conversations and insights into the minds of some of the world’s top marketers and copywriters.

The name aside – I personally know, have learned from, worked with and in some case am even friends with many of the people who have appeared on the show to date.

For example, after speaking together at an event in Poland, Bond Halbert and I traveled around a handful of European countries, discovering new sources of rubble, crazy drivers, and incredible sightseeing.

For some, like Justin Brooke, I’ve worked closely with them on campaigns and gotten fantastic results.

Others, I merely know in the industry, and have never met outside of a Zoom room.

Please, enjoy the show, listen to as many episodes as you can (and full episodes – don’t be tempted to skim, you’re bound to miss out on that one gold nugget that could make all the difference)

About Brian:

Brian is the secret weapon behind a number of world class experts – including AdSKills.com’s Justin Brooke and Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani.

His marketing campaigns have generated tens of millions of dollars over the past few years – and he’s only taken on a very small number of clients.

A 15-year Veteran of High Converting campaigns, Brian spends his time working on projects he loves, living the international lifestyle with his wife.

An international speaker, published author, consultant and High Conversion specialist, Brian is dedicated to boosting the sales and profits of smart companies everywhere.