Sue Rice

On this episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast, we speak to Sue Rice, who has been called ‘The Female David Ogilvy’ although I prefer ‘Long Haired David Ogilvy’ – a natural storyteller and A-list email copywriter with a list of wins a mile long.

We discuss:

– The secret she used to get open rates of around 50% over a sequence of 30 emails for a dental practice

– How to break through the clutter of advertising messages and your inbox with 6 billion unread emails

– Storytelling secrets learned from 25 years in the trenches writing emails that sell to more niches than you can poke a stick at

Sue is an entertaining storyteller and has more marketing and copywriting knowledge than most other copywriters put together. She could live anywhere – so she chose Paris, France and makes her clients millions from there.

Contact Sue:


Cell phone: 408-872-9422

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Author: Brian