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Genius Action Plans: Get legendary secrets in just 20 minutes a month…

What exactly am I getting with my Genius Action Plans?

Monthly Genius Action Plans

Every month, you’re getting a brand new PDF Action Plan, with persuasion secrets from experts like John Carlton, David Deutsch, Brian Kurtz, Bond Halbert, and many more.

I personally write these and break down the tactics, strategies, gold nuggets and pieces of wisdom that each genius of copywriting reveals, and mold it all into 6-8 pages of laser-focused, super actionable advice you can act on now.

Monthly Episode Checklists

Along with your Genius Action Plans, you’ll also get a power checklist for each episode that quickly summarizes the show, what we covered and all the big action steps.

These are great for getting the lowdown on each episode at a glance, or handing off to a team member to make sure each item on the checklist gets done.

Podcast PDF Transcripts

Prefer to read through a transcript rather than listen to the show? We got you covered with professionally formatted PDF transcripts of every episode.

But… couple of things before you take the plunge:

Understand this: I’m the one building out these Genius Action Plans, not some joker I found on Fiverr. No cheap-ass PLR tweaked to pass off as my own work. Each one is a labor of love, as carefully hand crafted as a fine Cuban cigar.

So you gotta promise me a couple of things before we do this…

Firstly… no stealing. Each one of these Copywriting Geniuses comes on the show and shares their best stuff in good faith that you’ll take their ideas and use them in your business… not start teaching them as if they are your ideas. 

And – you gotta work. There’s no silver bullets, no magic pills, no push-button instant-riches software. If you’re looking for that stuff, try the Warrior Forum. Here all you’ll find is business and marketing principles that only work if you do.

And finally, no refunds. You can cancel any time, but if asking for a $7 refund is something you’d even consider, you might not have the right mindset to really succeed with these ideas.

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